Calder Valley Poetry, 2019: Heart Murmur. My debut poetry pamphlet containing 27 poems on a medical theme including the extraordinary workings of the body, a duet in the voice of the ovaries and my own experience as a patient.

Strix 4, 2018: Clinical Trials. A poem that arose out of an assignment on a Poetry School course on Poetry and Science.

Strix 3, 2018: The Home Kill Man. A poem inspired by living in New Zealand.

Hippocrates Anthology, 2018: Six Week Check. This poem won joint 3rd prize in the Health Professional category of this international poetry competition.

Strix 2, 2017: Retina. A poem that explores aspects of a routine medical examination.

Hippocrates Anthology, 2016: Differential. This poem was Highly Commended in the Health Professional category, and was chosen as the opening piece for Heart Murmur. It can be read as my currently featured poem here.

Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, Volume 58, Number 1, 2015: I was on the Underground and I scratched his soles. These two poems were written to the brief of a diagnosis in 55 words for the special Diagnosis issue edited by Annemarie Jutel.

On-line publication


YorkMix poetry competition, 2018: Your Skin  was Highly Commended. Read it here.

Walter Swan poetry competition, 2016: April Walk  was Highly Commended. Read it here.


The High Window: Review of Philip Gross’s collection A Bright Acoustic. Read it here.

Corpus: Review of The Poetry Pharmacy ed. William Sieghart, Particular Books 2017. Read it here.

London Grip: Review of Their Lunar Language by Charlotte Eichler, Valley Press 2018. Read it here.