Bloody Amazing, 2021: Forecast at the Climacteric – poem about menopausal symptoms written in the style of the shipping forecast as a contribution to this wonderful anthology published by Dragon Yaffle.

Hippocrates Anthology, 2020: Not Herself – a poem about a sick child and a near miss.

Pennine Platform No 87, 2020: Exposure – a poem written for my friend Bob about his enthusiasm for taking atmospheric photos in fog on the moors. Falcon – a reflection on ruthless competition within families for parental love.

Pennine Platform No 86, 2019: Harness. A poem featuring Gaping Gill and letting go.

Raceme No 8, Autumn/Winter 2019. Routine Appointment and Heart Murmur. Review of the pamphlet Heart Murmur by Shirley Wright.

Calder Valley Poetry, 2019: Heart Murmur. My debut poetry pamphlet containing 27 poems on a medical theme including the extraordinary workings of the body, a duet in the voice of the ovaries and my own experience as a patient.

Strix 4, 2018: Clinical Trials. A poem that arose out of an assignment on a Poetry School course on Poetry and Science.

Strix 3, 2018: The Home Kill Man. A poem inspired by living in New Zealand.

Hippocrates Anthology, 2018: Six Week Check. This poem won joint 3rd prize in the Health Professional category of this international poetry competition.

Strix 2, 2017: Retina. A poem that explores aspects of a routine medical examination.

Hippocrates Anthology, 2016: Differential. This poem was Highly Commended in the Health Professional category, and was chosen as the opening piece for Heart Murmur

Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, Volume 58, Number 1, 2015: I was on the Underground and I scratched his soles. These two poems were written to the brief of a diagnosis in 55 words for the special Diagnosis issue edited by Annemarie Jutel.

On-line publication


Poetry and Covid September 2020: A Cautionary Story published here.

YorkMix poetry competition, 2020: Insomnia was Highly Commended. Read it here.

YorkMix poetry competition, 2018: Your Skin  was Highly Commended. Read it here.

Walter Swan poetry competition, 2016: April Walk  was Highly Commended. Read it here.

Saltaire Festival poetry competition, 2019Engagement won 3rd prize. Read it here.


The High Window: Review of Philip Gross’s collection A Bright Acoustic. Read it here.

Corpus: Review of The Poetry Pharmacy ed. William Sieghart, Particular Books 2017. Read it here.

London Grip: Review of Their Lunar Language by Charlotte Eichler, Valley Press 2018. Read it here.

London Grip: Review of Remnants by Bob Beagrie and Jane Burn, The Knives, Forks and Spoons Press 2019. Read it here.

London Grip: Review of The End by Gareth Writer-Davies, Arenig Press 2019. Read it here.

Raceme 8: Reviews of A History of Walking by Lydia Kennaway, HappenStance Press 2019 and Typhoon Etiquette by Katrina Naomi, Verve Poetry Press 2019.

London Grip: Review of Deadpan by James Norcliffe, University of Otago Press 2020. Norcliffe is a well-known New Zealand poet and having lived in the South Island for nearly four years, I was particularly keen to read his work. Read it here.

London Grip: Review of Unfolded by Olivia Dawson, Maytree Press 2020. A debut pamphlet from Olivia Dawson who delights in using decorative fans as inspiration in her poetry. Witty and well worth reading. Read the review here.

London Grip: Review of Herd Queen by Di Slaney, Valley Press 2020. This second collection demonstrates Di’s great versatility as a poet and her engaging humour. Read it here.

London Grip: Review of January by Sarah Barr, Maytree Press 2020. A debut pamphlet by this Dorset based poet who has won the Dorset Award twice in Bridport Prize. A poignant exploration of relationships and of the natural world. Read it here.

London Grip: Review of The Ministry of Flowers by Andrea Witzke Slot, Valley Press 2020. A great collection and very varied in form and content. Prose poems and a recurrent theme of different aspects of the body as well as the symbolism of flowers. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole book. Read it here.

London Grip: Review of Learning from the Body by Sue Butler, Yaffle Press, 2021. An interesting collection by a doctor who explores the mysteries of the body, its power and frailty, in a range different poetic forms and voices. Highly recommended. Read it here.

London Grip: Review of The Giddings by John Greening. A difficult book to review because of its erudition but lack of emotional connection for me. Read it here.

London Grip: Review of The Symmetry of Folklore by Donna Irving, Yaffle Press, 2021. I enjoyed this debut pamphlet that had a good mix of humour, poignancy and irreverence. Read it here.

London Grip: Review of The House with Two Letter-Boxes by Janet Swinney. This is the first review of a collection of short stories that I have done. I enjoyed reading about the convincing characters who populated this book. Physical and sexual abuse feature often, balanced by the humour and kindness of others. Read it here.